Stay in the AC & Clear Out Some Clutter!

Yes, it’s very hot out for many of us living in the Chicagoland area. So, I for one have decided to stay in my fairly cool house (yes, I’m blessed to have AC) and clear out some clutter that has accumulated over the past few months (since my massive decluttering effort during the initial weeks of the pandemic). Here’s a few tips for anyone else thinking of doing the same during these days of 90 degree temps!

  1. Start by picking a drawer, closet, shelf, room or any other area of your home that seems to have accumulated “extra” stuff lately.
  2. Decide right away what can be tossed (if it can’t be recycled).
  3. Put away the stuff you want to keep (things you use regularly, serve a purpose, can’t live without, etc.). Make sure you put items where they belong (where logically you will know where to look for them when needed).
  4. Give away stuff you don’t want/need anymore (donate or pass along to receptive family members/friends).
  5. Consider selling anything of value (I’ve been lucky to sell over $200 of my stuff this past summer). There are ways to do this germ free!
  6. Make a goal for each day/week of an area that you are going to work on so you make progress throughout your home.