Are You Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

A tornado hit my hometown of Naperville and surrounding communities this past weekend and it made me realize that I was not as prepared as I thought I had been for this type of situation. I received an alert on my phone at 11:07 pm Sunday night that there was a tornado warning and I needed to go to a safe place in my home, However, by the time I gathered candles, lighters, drinks, snacks, my purse, coat, and the dog and made it to the basement it was already 11:15!

The problem was that there was only 3" between the alert and the tornado hitting my town and others over a 15 mile stretch causing countless damage to homes and some injuries (regretfully the passing of one). SO, if this tornado had hit my home I would still have been in an unsafe area gathering my things! The important lessons I learned is 1). have your essential supplies emergency preparedness already located in the safest spot of your home and 2) GO IMMEDIATELY to this safe spot when you see/receive a severe weather warning of any kind!

Go to Build A Kit | for a list of supplies you can put in an emergency preparedness kit!