50 Things to Declutter While Stuck at Home

Since many of us are going to be social isolating and spending lots of our time at home in the coming weeks due to the coronavirus, I am providing a list of possible sources of clutter that you could sort through and hopefully remove in the future from your home. This isn’t necessarily about getting rid of items that spark joy and have special meaning for you, but ridding your homes of items that are no longer needed or used.
  1. Books you have read or don’t plan on reading
  2. Magazines that you will never read or are over 6 mos. old
  3. DVD’s/VHS tapes that you don’t watch anymore
  4. Clothes (start by pulling out the winter items you never wore, stained ones)
  5. Photos and videos (print and online)
  6. Sheets and blankets (either donate or use as rags or paint cloths)
  7. Towels (regular, beach, hand).
  8. Recipes you don’t plan on making
  9. Games and puzzles esp. if they are missing parts/pieces
  10. Toys that the kids don’t play with
  11. Arts and crafts supplies you don’t use or need
  12. Personal and business paperwork (follow IRS guidelines)
  13. Entertaining and other dishes
  14. Items in your pantry (set aside ones for donation that haven’t expired)
  15. Home repair parts
  16. Warranties that have expired or for items you don’t have anymore
  17. Household paints and stains
  18. Holiday decorations
  19. Birthday and greeting cards
  20. Trophies and ribbons
  21. Kids old artwork and school papers
  22. Jewelry that is broken or you don’t wear anymore
  23. Old makeup or nail polish
  24. Medications that have expired or you don’t use (use proper disposal methods)
  25. Kitchen utensils or appliances that have rarely been used
  26. Extra or chipped coffee mugs
  27. Any excess dishes, drinking glasses, silverware that you don’t use regularly
  28. Extra water bottles especially cheap ones you got for free
  29. Bar items that you don’t use (e.g., brandy sniffers, margarita glasses)
  30. Expired food in the fridge or freezer
  31. Old restaurant condiment packets
  32. Plastic storage dishes that you don’t use or are missing top/bottom
  33. Old dish towels/dish rags that you would be embarrassed to have company see
  34. Dirty and torn fabric grocery shopping bags
  35. Fry pans that have lost some of their teflon coating
  36. Socks that have holes or are missing their mate
  37. Lingerie that doesn’t fit anymore or is stretched out
  38. Old eyeglasses or contacts that aren’t your current prescription
  39. Duplicate items in your kitchen that you don’t need multiples of anymore
  40. Any papers on display in your office area that are outdated (events that are over)
  41. Old bank statements
  42. Checks from closed accounts or with incorrect information on them
  43. Markers that have dried up or you don’t use
  44. Dried up glues, nail polishes, paints, etc.
  45. Outdated church and neighborhood directories
  46. Old newsletters (work, church, neighborhood, etc.)
  47. Love letters from past boyfriends (unless they are worth a good laugh)
  48. Home decor you aren’t using anymore
  49. Yard tools you don’t use or have no need for anymore
  50. Photos frames you don’t use or have an excess of.